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WIN: luxe SPF 50 - HOT GIRL SUMMER PROOF met We Are Eves πŸ‘™

πŸ“ž Hot girl summer is calling! The temperatures run up.. skincare gurus can't say it often enough: be prepared by using a good SPF. So this contest is called: Get 20x chance to win the Honest Choices 2020 winner: The Rituals of Karma Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50 worth €15.50. SO YOU HAVE AN INSTANT CHANCE πŸ“£ Write 3 new reviews within the Hot Girl Summer theme.. Either, which products are indispensable for you during the summer? From favourite summer perfume, must-have waterproof mascara to the best sweat blocker and bronzer for the ultimate summer glow. All 100% honest reviews are welcome! Listed#summerhonesty in your post (this is a must). Last but not least, we choose 20 lucky winners! You can join until next Wednesday 28 July. Success πŸ’œ
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