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Yes! Lovely varnishes, with my won set of PJR care:)

PJR Care nail polish Update Day 1: Today I worked as a denomination. That requires a lot of my hands. At home, I did some housework and cooked. I wash my hands regularly. The lacquer starts to foliage soon. It's like air coming under the paint and swells. It also breaks off pieces of lacquer. I had my nails, for the paint turn, well degreased with soap. I wonder now if that's enough?! I prefer not to use acetone. I can imagine that my work does not contribute to the preservation of the paint. New opportunities this weekend. Then I will paint my nails again. I'm pretty free.. and I'm curious what the result may be:) Today@pjr-care@weareeves received a nice set of nail polish from PJR care nail polish. The set consists of 3 varnishes. The base coat, the nail polish eggplant color, and mirror top coat. The eggplant color is gorgeous! I love dark color lacquer. I start by making the nails fat free. Then I apply my first thin layer of base coat. The tassel is rather narrow. This will require you to turn on several times, to paint the nail in its total. Then I shake the nail polish (colour) well, so the oils and color mix well. Now I apply the color. For additional coverage, a second coat of application is recommended. The first layer covers well. But I decide to apply a second layer anyway. After two minutes of drying, I apply the paint again. The second layer makes the difference anyway. The colour is now more intense and more even. Dry a few more minutes before applying the mirror top. I take the top edge of my nail well, to preserve the gestation period. It's evening now, and have time to harden my nails right now. Conclusion so far: Nail polish set looks nice. It 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and Halal. When used, I notice that the tassels are rather narrow, so you have to turn on several times to apply the paint. The drying time is short, very fine:) My nails are intense in color and shine. It looks pretty. I'm really curious how this paint is going to stick to the next few days. Update follows:)
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