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PJR Care Set nailed it or...

Review PJR Care Starter Set Full of Courage 🤩🤩🤩 As one of the lucky few of the giveaway, I got this Starter Set sent home. The set includes a base coat, Full of Courage nail polish and a Mirror top coat. PJR Care lacquers are vegan, crueltyfree and toxic free. Super fine! The color Full of Courage is really gorgeous, a deep eggplant shade! Mysterious and a little dark, I like it! Especially suitable for autumn and winter colour. I started working on Sunday. First I applied the base coat, the applicator is narrow and so you have to iron over the nail a bit more often. The base coat dries smoothly so you can move on quickly with the next step. The Full of Courage nail polish also has a narrow brush. This makes me lacquer than I painted the full nail opaque. I applied two layers to get the colour opaque. The drying time is longer with this paint. I think I let it dry for almost 5 minutes to be sure. Finally, the topcoat. It is a Mirror coat and gives a lot of shine. That really gives a gel polish effect. The top coat also dries quite smoothly. The photo on the left with the flowers in the background is after application. The paint sits nicely on it and shines well. I don't take into account that I have nail polish on my nails. So I just do everything with it: working and typing a lot of process pieces, going to the gym and so getting started with barbells and dumbbells, but also hand washing, cleaning etc. It's Tuesday now and the nail polish is already chipping and pieces have already crumbled (right photo). Too bad, I had hoped this paint would last a little longer. I took the paint off because it doesn't look so nice. I will definitely continue to use the lacquer, but I don't expect it to last longer than those two days on my nails. Maybe have@pjr-care more tips!
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